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Demo Tracks

Have a RetroWave track or two to share? Send your download links to us at rr@traxcontrols.com and we will feature them here, along with a credit.

Whatever your musical style, we want to hear from you! Don't forget to state your name, country, and personal/band web site address if applicable. 

If the track features other instruments, please mention which sounds are being played on the RetroWave.

RetroWave Demos RetroWave Demo 1

RetroWave Demo 2

Berlin Trauma (the R-1 plays lead line)


Florian Cziesla, Germany. http://visciera.com Fredric Borgman, Sweden. Philippe PLAIDEUX aka BIOSYNTH, France.
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Javier Aregger, Scotland
Your Tracks Here Your Tracks Here Your Tracks Here

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